Eric Totman's Music Pouches

Eric starting making music pouches in winter of 2020 using original 1850-1900 music pouches as patterns. These may be the first replicated music pouches, using original music pouches as patterns, ever made!  These are undaughterly the ONLY period correct music pouches  currently being made!

Eric has fully documented nine original music pouches and is now offering one for sale. Check it out at Each music pouch is hand made and hand sewn. Each hand made pouch takes roughly about 8 hours to complete. Eric thrives off owning/recreating original items and takes no short-cuts to make this happen.

The music pouch that Eric is currently replicating is the "Glen Falls Cornet Band" (1860 through late 1890's) music pouch. The following is a link to this original music pouch:

Pricing is as follows. With Belt loop, OR Shoulder Strap attachments are included in price of each pouch. Shoulder straps and belts are sold separately. Buyer must specify if they want a Belt Loop attachment OR Shoulder Strap attachments on their music pouch. 

  • Price of Music Pouch with custom embossing and Shoulder Strap.                          Approximately   $230                                    
    • Pouch Only (no shoulder strap or custom embossing). Belt loop, or Shoulder Strap attachments included. $155
    • Custom embossing, and painting, can vary from $20-$40 per pouch depending on the verbiage .                     $5/Letter
    • Shoulder Strap                                                                                                                                                                                          $50    

A 10% discount will be applied to orders of 10 or more pouches!!

Please contact me if you have would like to place an order or have further questions at