Goals & Objectives of the

American Historical

Brass Band Society

The AHBBS objectives:

  1. Recreating  living history by performing on original instruments, playing period correct music, wearing period correct musician attire. Also a public educational resource with vintage band photos, vintage band music, vintage band history, as well as post links to other related websites. 
  2. Work together with bands, and individual musicians, to reenact Historical Brass Bands (1840's - 1910's) for historical events and gatherings (ie; Town and city anniversary events,  historical site events, organization and/or business special events, documentary and movie gigs, . . . ). Working together for special events we can offer so much more than as individual bands and musicians. 
  3. Provide a database for member musicians, and bands, who share the same interest in recreating vintage brass bands. Individual member musicians, and member bands, can access this database in hopes of sharing
    • Music - Music will be available to members for them to download and practice.
    • Band members contact information - Though reenactment bands have their own music, objectives, rehearsal and gig calendars, we could also help out each others band in times of need when we seek musicians to fill a missing voice at upcoming gigs. 
    • Instrument & uniform contacts - Individuals who are willing to lend, or rent, period correct instruments and/or uniform parts that they own. 
    • Member Band Website & Calendars Links - Member bands will have the ability to share their calendars on this website if they choose to do so.