This page is a "work in progress" and much more information will be added in the coming months. So far the following are GREAT resources. Please contact Eric Totman if know of other resources that you would like to see added to this page.

REENACTMENT BANDS  This is a link to a list of current reenactment bands.

VINTAGE BRASS BAND INSTRUMENTS FOR SALE  These are links to where you can find antique and vintage brasswind instruments for sale. 

VINTAGE BRASS BAND MUSIC FOR SALE These are links to where you can find and purchase music arrangements for brass bands.

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HISTORY & EDUCATION  The following are links to educational sites.




Battle of the Bands – Annual Gathering of The North/South Music Ambassadors
The East Coast Band Conference – An annual event hosted in the spring in Pennsylvania hosted by the Ringgold Band.
Gettysburg Brass Band Festival – An annual event displaying all genres and time periods of brass music
Vintage Band Festival – Supported by the Historical Brass Society, the VBF is hosted each summer in Minnesota.
Articles, Associations, Societies:
The American Brass Band Movement – The Library of Congress’ excellent article and link to digital resources pertaining to the brass band movement in America.
American Musical Instrument Society – AMIS Annual Meetings are a blast, but so is the scholarship in our Journal. Check out our publications for a wealth of organological knowledge.
The Association of Concert Bands – The mission of the Association of Concert Bands is to foster excellence in Concert Band music through performance, education, and advocacy.
Boosey & Hawkes: The Rise and Fall of a Wind Instrument Manufacturing Empire – PhD dissertation from City University London by Dr. Jocelyn Howell.
Brass Band Bibliography – PDF compiled by Gavin Holman
Brass Bands of the World – PDF compiled by Gavin Holman
Early Music America – Explore the Past. Create Today. Inspire the Future. An organization dedicated to early music in America.
The Galpin Society – For the study of musical instruments
Historical Brass Band Society – An organization formed by Eric Totman for the purpose of connecting the historical brass band community. Register as an individual musician and register your band!
Historic Brass Society – Professional organization dedicated to posting articles and reviewing recordings related to historical brass performance and preservation.
Internet Bandsman’s Everything Within (IBEW) – As comprehensive a set of brass band links and related information as possible.
Taps Bugler – Jari Villanueva’s website contains interesting articles about Taps and bugle history.
Windjammers Unlimited, INC – A historical society dedicated to preserving band music from The Golden Age of the American Circus.
Instruments, Instrument Repair:
AR Music – Tim Holmes historical instrument refurbish and repair. Lincoln Park, MI
Brasspedia – The home of brass instrument curiosities
Buescher Loyalist – This site was really a creation of necessity as I began exploring the Buescher line of trumpets and cornets and could find little to no information on them.
Conical Bore – The musical instrument collection of William Hull Faust
Conn Loyalist – A website dedicated to Conn instruments and historical information
Conn Serial Numbers – Do you have a Conn instrument? Serial numbers date all the way back to 1876 for Conn.
Contempora Corner – Reynolds instrument history and instrument finder
History Tunes: Civil War – Helpful links for resources related to historical music.
HN White – The maker of King Band Instruments 1893-1965
The Horn Collector – Eric Totman’s website dedicated to his brasswind instrument collection. There is a gallery and link to his online webstore where he sells a variety of instruments.
Horn Trader – Steve Dillard’s collection and instrument exchange
Horn-u-copia – Horn-u-Copia’s first goal is to collect information about every brass instrument maker, as well as one picture of every model produced by that maker. Similarly, information and examples from the major dealers are collected as well.
Metzler Brass – Mark Metzler historical instrument repair and restoration
Missenharter – Learn about the 19th century New York instrument manufacturer
Museum of Fine Arts Boston – Instrument collection gallery housed in Boston
Olds Central – Assorted discoveries, facts, and theories relating to trumpets made by F. E. Olds & Son.
Pocket Cornets – The World’s Largest Virtual Museum of the Smallest Cornets and Trumpets Ever Made!
Research Papers on American Musical Wind-Instrument Makers and Dealers, 1761 to 1980s
Robb Stewart Brass Instruments – Instrument repair, instrument restoration and instrument manufacturing. Galleries and instruments for sale.
The Serpent Website – Resources, documents, and articles all related to the serpent
Southeastern Musical Services Inc. – Bill Deiss instrument repair and manufacturing
The Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments – Instrument collection housed in Michigan.
Trumpet History – This site was established to provide access to my notes, ramblings, photos, tools, and favorite resources for trumpet, cornet and bugle collectors.
Trumpet Museum – Historical trumpet collection in Germany
V&E Simonetti Historic Tuba Collection – 300+ instruments in North Carolina displayed by different categories in gallery format
Vincent Bach’s World – A Site Dedicated To The Study Of Vincent Bach – Engineer, Musician, Instrument Maker and Bach’s Instruments
Vintage Cornets – Nick DeCarlis has created a great resource for vintage cornets. Gallery.
Vintage Mutes – Home of everything pertaining to Vintage Wind Instrument Mutes & Accessories.
Virtuosity Musical Instruments – Antique brass instruments for sale
Wessex – Professionally manufactured brass instruments for purchase
Over The Shoulder Eb Saxhorn, Bb Parforce Hunting Horn, Bb Rotary Trumpet, Valve Trombone, Coach Horn, Double-Bell Euphonium, Eb bugle/natural trumpet, Cimbassos, Ophicleides, Helicons, French Tuba
Scholarly Collections, Museums, Sheet Music:
JV Music – Jari Villanueva’s website for “Musical Arrangements and More”. Jari also posts original articles regularly related to his own music research.
Library of Congress Band Music – Scanned copies of historical brass band music collections.
Music & Songs of the 1860’s – Civil War Talk forum
Musical Instrument Museum Edinburgh – Instrument collection gallery housed in Scotland
National Music Museum – Instrument gallery
Elements of Brass Instrument Construction
Period brass band music for purchase – Olde Towne Brass members re-engrave period music into modern notation software for greater access and legibility.