SUPPORTER - A "Supporter" is someone wanting support AHBBS, yet not willing to, (or able to), participate as a member musician. We ask for a minimal $20/year "Supporter" membership fee to receive the same access to information on this website as what participating musicians receive. If you would like to receive supporter member benefits, please send $20 to ( with your information as well as "AHBBS Supporter"

DONATIONS -Though musicians in reenactment bands typically donate their time, talent, and rare instruments when participating in a gig,  it would be ideal if they could be compensated for their participation related expenses like travel, meals, hotel expenses, uniform expenses, . . .  donations of any size can help reenactment musicians portray living history.   

Donations of any size are always welcome and greatly appreciated to help reimburse musicians for their expenses, expertise, maintain this web site, as well as purchase uniforms and instruments needed to accurately portray vintage bands. If you wish to donate, please use the following link to do so.